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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  February 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. tonight gearing up for a big day in the battle or legalizing same sex marriage. now opponents say the real fight hasn't even started. a town hall meeting about relationships. how to get help if you are in trouble. and an app for saving money at cash register. the news starts right now. >> now abc 2news another 11. >> twice in a week a school has been evacuated for carbon monoxide. we are closer than ever to same sex marriage. >> that's right. a key vote onto issue tomorrow. we talked to opponents who say defeat won't be the end. >> reporter: the committee expects to approve the bill tomorrow. that would send it to the floor where did appears to be close to having enough votes to pass. rallies in annapolis, a hearing
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before the senate committee and now more state senators stating publicly that they will support same sex marriage all of it over the objections of opponents who say they would have preferred civil union. >> had this isn't about rights, it's about redefining marriage. >> reporter: sun is reporting supporters are just one vote shy of the 24 they need to pass the bill. last week a senator fry threw his support behind it after witnessing that committee hearing though he said it wasn't the supporters who convinced him, it was the opponents. >> when i heard was the opponents of same sex marriage say gay was androids and i can't be on that side. >> reporter: the opponents believe he was a yes vote all long. >> even what i heard from the hearings and the senate it was all accurate and positive. i think when we need to focus
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on the issue. >> reporter: they say if maryland is the 6th state in the nation along with washington dc to approve it their next move will be to try to take the issue directly to the people in a statewide vote. >> we are prepared to do that. we are lining it up in the event we will have to go that direction remit confident that maryland will support one man, one woman for marriage. >> it's now about redefining marriage. to include same sex relationships and most people in this state i believe will reject that if they are given the opportunity. >> reporter: to set the stage the senate is tomorrow. the full seven activity expected to vote next weekf. it passes will and the house the governor has said he will sign it. opponents would have to gather about 5 5,000 signatures to try to force it onto the 2012 ballot. abc 2news. >> and that won't be the only action tomorrow. a group is planning a rally in
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support of legislation that would better protect animals. the group will meet with lawmakers to urge passing of several bills including one inspired by the death of bear bear. that was the dog shot and killed at a dog park. the bill would strengthen animal cruelty laws. >> carbon monoxide detectors in place at a school after it was evacuated twice. dickey hill has co detectors and in the next month all city school will have them. the most recent incident happened yesterday. >> the time it takes to read this story to you tonight four women will be struck, punched, hit and worse. it's time to talk in howard. that's what it was called hosted by the domestic violence venter. we are just two days past valentine's day but the people in this crowd want to find out the signs -- the message that
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frightened all of this. listen to this father reading his daughter's final, e-mail. >> it's hard to deal with someone getting more and more controlling and not giving me space to be me. any way. that was the last thing she wrote. >> teach them what real love is about and help their self- esteem and if they are in domestic violence they have help and resisters. >> if you are in a dangerous relationship and need help there is a 24 hour help line. the number is on the screen. 410-997-2272. >> tonight a man said he didn't do it. he said he isn't guilty in the murder of his ex-girlfriend. according to authorities the 31- year-old deborah flores was choked and dismembered. today jason griffith pled not guilty. a trial is set for the end of
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november. >> a married congressman lost his job and possible list his marriage after sundaying pictures of himself from a hotel. there is no doubt that social media is not only transforming relationships but its being blamed for sparking problems between couples. however a counselor said believe it or not sometimes the relationship can be repaired. >> the one who has done it has to feel remorse. they have to feel bad. i will often ask a spouse, i will say to your satisfaction do you feel that he is remorseful for what he has done? >> the best advice because what goes on the internet doesn't just stay there. it goes well beyond as in the prefix worldwide web should be a hint for you. >> we have told you about customer who feel they have been ripped off joe horton and now a new twist. we have caught horton overcharging customers locked out of their homes and cars,
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even at the center of an attorney general investigation. now it seems he has put a lock on a company's identity. poppa lock gets an a plus rating the bbb but if you google it comes up but it's horton's phone number. >> we have a great reputation and to have someone that's falsely representing us and overcharging customers is frustrating . >> reporter: absolutely. frank is a witness in the attorney general's case. he has tried for months now to get google to pull the number but so far no luck. as for horton he isn't returning our calls. check out the website for all of our stories on him and helpful tips for you. >> nice weather out there today across maryland. up into the mid50s. had nice sun all day and a clear night on out there now as we hover around 50 degrees.
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still let's take a look first at some of the satellite and radar pictures across the state right now. you can see just a few passing clouds. just a stray shower, not see that around here. temperature wise, 57 in baltimore, 54 easton. zooming in just a little bit, right now temperatures again still close to 50, 47 at inner harbor. 50dc. cooler annapolis and cambridge. early look at the forecast. 57 by noon. 64 by 4:00. great day this just the beginning of the warming trend and check out the latest blogs, have a lot going on. the president day storm of 2003. >> we have been on this story since the beginning and tonight we are getting a clearer picture of how it'll go when it comes to the school redistricting process right now in hartford. parents you have been butting heads with the school board over the plan that would shift the boundaries for elementary
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schools. the goal is to make sure no school is over 100% full but families upset because it means their kid wills have to shift to a new school in the fall. monday we were there, parents got the final chance to voice their opinions to the school board. now the next big date in this process, coming up, february the 28th and that's when the school board will reveal its decision on the plan and after that any child who has to change schools will get a letter in the mail. the students and parents will then be invited to an open house with the new school in may. a different kind of redistricting process has taken place in baltimore. tonight the mayor has made a few changes to the plan. let's take a look. the goal is -- the plan is kind of to shift the districts to reflect new data from the 2010 census. the mayor said it works to create districts close to equal in population, kind of reflect
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the racial demographics. we have much more on that story on the website including a link to the mayor's full proposal. >> tonight the tempers were up in a community as brothers of former members of a patrol group pled not guilty to attacking an african american teen. protesters represented both sides, some supporting the patrol group saying they were protecting the neighborhood, others called the incident a hate crime. according to charges documents the brothers approached the teen the road, the teen said that he was struck inned head with a radio and shouted you don't belong around here get out. the brothers now scheduled for trial in may. and the niece of a fallen firefighter wants your help. she works at five below and listed her storage help to kick
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off a fundraiser in his honor. just stop by the shop with a flyer and you can help his family. >> my uncle and i were very close. he was a teen when i was born. he was at all the birthday parties. >> now you have until this saturday so shop at five below and help out the family but you have to bring in that flyer to have 10% of the proceeds go to the baltimore county fallen firefighters foundation. >> those of how work for social security atwood lawn or the federal reserve, you have heard the whispers. our government might shut down in 15 days we haven't seen this since bill clinton when the president released his budget on monday that started the talk. now if both democrats and republicans can't agree on a funding plan the government would shut down and that would happen on march 4th. >> tonight right in the palm
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of your hand. we are going to put you into the lap of luxury. all you have to do is list tone the story and apply for the app and tomorrow you could start saving phoria summer vacation that's coming up. >> watson, rookie mistake on monday, beginner a luck last night. what is it tonight? the best two out of three. >> and it's better to be up here than to have our toes in the water here. we will stay shore side to tell you when you can go back in when he return in 60 seconds. bring it. if we're known for one thing... we've got the best customer service. low fares. frequent flights, that's what we're known for. customer service. low fares. we're known for a lot of things. bags fly free. the lowest fares. customer service. low fares. we're not saying other airlines are bad. we're just awesome. [ male announcer ] starting march 13th, fly one of southwest's new nonstop flights from bwi airport to greenville-spartanburg and charleston, south carolina. book your nonstop flight only at
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[ ding ] . this is video. all those figures in the water are sharks. a tv news chopper caught the massive school. the station reports spotting two groups, 100 in each. 50 yards off the shore. >> tonight as unrest spread as cross the arab world two were
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reportedly killed in a crack down on demonstrations. a crowd in that country's capitol caught miguel marques and beat him. he wasn't badly hurt but he was hit several times and his camera was pulled from his hands. he was on the phone with abc news in new york when it happened. today three days after returning to phillies training camp dallas green admitted he isn't tough when it comes about talking about his granddaughter, one of the six people killed when a man opened fire at an event where gabreille giffords today -- was the first time he spoke publicly about her death. >> the new study out tonight that -- men who start losing their hair at 20 could be more of risk of prostate cancer. it found many men who get it had all kinds of hair loss from a receding hair line to balding
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in the back of the head. more research is needed. >> if you want more free time guess what, there is an apf for that. >> if you want to save cash there is an apf for that too. a list of easy, mostly free smart applications right at the township of your pad or phone. we work for you saving you time and money. >> reporter: with all the deals offered up by businesses finding the best one can eat up time. immaterial once in a while i say i will cut the coupons and save that money. it's so much time and made such a mess cutting them out. >> reporter: lisa now enjoys more time with her child. >> i'm an app using mom. >> reporter: her application gets her a daily speciality and while she waits foregrossy waits she gets a grocery list generated. we are asking mops, economists
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and amm makers. we have a list of money saving apps. >> red laser. >> reporter: just find a product, scan the bar code and instantly see a list of who sells is it and has the best price. >> it was $40, scanned it and it's on sale for 50% off at a store in the same parking lot. we walks there walked there and got it half price. >> reporter: the target app is another favorite with daily deals. local restaurant applications also a hit. >> have specials in them or they tell you what their weekly specials are. if you notice a lot of restaurants monday may be kid's eat free but saturday may have an eight dollar dining deal. >> reporter: what if you want deals at home? >> global food inflation is
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near epidemic. food prices as a whole are about 25% last year. >> reporter: economist said staple items took a hit which is why more people are turning to applications. >> groupon. >> reporter: that lets you interia zip code and get a daily deal from a local business. for this mom the grocery iq application is the favorite. >> just goes through need this and this and boom it's there. >> reporter: the free application keeps your grocery list and finds coupons for the regular items you buy. not using them is just a waste of time and money. >> for more tips on how to save money you can go to the website abc 2news and click on the money tab. >> tomorrow night by watching us you can say you knew him when. we have found the next great bowler to come out of baltimore. you are on the lane with 19- year-old anthony.
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he works during the day, and all he does is throw strikes at night. how he does it is the reason he is on the news. wait until you see this kid who iser has been bowling since three and he is about to make money on sunday. meet the bowling genius down your alley tomorrow night on the news at 11. >> looking forward to that one am i art or -- okay. all right. kelley, time to play jeopardy. first clue, the man who won 74 straight games --. >> who is ken jennings? >> you are correct. double jeopardy. the player who beat him and the all time money leader. >> who is brad watter? >> you're right. did you say bed wetter? a super computer designed to answer questions and winner of
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the first ibm challenge. >> i'm betting its watson. >> you are right again. the new champion, not kelley. it's watson. two game -- he won more than $77,000. you put that in perspective. the other two finished with a less than a third of that. >> it's vindication for ipb programmers who designed watson. they hope it can eventually be a variety of practical functions aside from winning game shows. lot of winner -- watson and ibm are donating one million dollars to charity. jennings will split 300,000 between himself and his favorite charity. >> here is vannna white. get it? >> now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> watson. >> yeah. >> that head, that glowing face thing. almost like a fake sunshine. >> pretty --. >> come on.
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>> reminds me of the terminator, rise of the machines. 50 degrees. it's a warm evening on the southwest breeze, 50 degrees on the late february night. had a chance to visit out there. big career day. couple pictures, great school and a lot of good times, kids had great questions, talk about a future career in broadcasting. i gave them the inside scoop. we will see what happens. manchester, blue skies. are you looking for snow, there is still some. up this way, out on the football field. still melting snow tonight. we are way above freezing. frederick snow free and the high terrain. look at that beautiful sunset. thin clouds and one more camera for you. ellicott city. just a beautiful day all across the state. look at that sunset, nice as we went into the evening. the radar all clear, no matter what watson said its clear.
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and a mild even to boot. again 50 right now. that's great, light southwest wind, that's a warming breeze for us, it'll go probably just a true south wind through the day most of the day tomorrow. highs today pushing up close to 60 but not quite getting there. we are above 60 tomorrow and probably to at least 70 on friday. conservative. 64 pikesville. little breeze off the surrounding waters and the bay very chilly with the water temperatures, shady side, you hit about 65, 66, no problem. few thin clouds blowing in out of the west tonight but on the whole things pretty quiet. we picked up just a very light shower, western part of the state. i can't find any service reports of rain. this overall weather pattern doesn't lend itself to active weather, just passing cloud cover. mild today, high pressure moving off shore and kicking in that south wind.
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you get that wrap around flow. clockwise motion, bringing up the south. then even warmer weather will move in as we go toward friday. i wish i could tell thank you will last all week and it won't. you can see why on the forecast. no new weather systems, more of the same but warmer. warm it up more, breezy friday as a fresh cool front pushes in, won't get here during the day friday but friday night we will see the temperatures dropping and by the weekend we think we are back by 50 degrees. still nice weather. first couple days, maybe rain for president a day. right now saturday, sunday both look dry. 35 degrees, just a few clouds, patchy late fog will be possible and tomorrow 64, mostly sunny and getting even warmer out there. have you to love that. let's check out the forecast. as we look ahead here there it is for you. t times, outdoor hikes, go for that first jog of the season. whatever you are going to do next couple afternoons the
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weekend looking good, just a little breezy and cooler, maybe a few showers on monday for people with that holiday off. >> that's right. big hole dame. >> that's right. president's day. >> you ever been horse back riding on president a day. > > >> if you have you know it doesn't take to much for a horse to get freaked out. >> that's right. a man and his horse found out the hard way. >> and/or or d orioles fans hoping the birds get more leads in to the 9th and tonight we talk totman ready to take the ball with the game on the line.
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. here is the press box sports report. before you know it they will be playing ball at the yard. tonight spring training just underway in sarasots. the or made a lot of moves. one of the biggest addition of kevin greg. he may be a newcomer but he is no stranger to closing games in the eas well that's good. we will hear from him later on. way to go kiffen. one of the other big acquisitions, will arrive on the field tomorrow. he was in the locker room today and that's guerrero. more local sports news on press box fee court is now in session.
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. tonight in a horse and it's rider are both okay after a pretty dramatic rescue. >> the man was riding the horse near a canal in phoenix when the horse got spooked fell in. the rider got out, the horse needed more help. local rancher was close and gave the horse a hand until emergency teams got there. u. they get spooked so easy. >> here it comes. >> glad they got him out. >> you know pretty -- nice day on tap. even better friday. >> we are still on a role. we will take it while we can
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get it. outside -- pretty clear, few clouds, just a couple stray showers well west of dc over the state line. i don't think much at all. tomorrow look at all the sun and 64 by late in the afternoon. right now be are still 50 degrees. relatively mild overnight. we will warm up rapidly tomorrow. >> will do the news with the retractible news. >> we could do it outside. >> have a good one. >> we will see you.
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